Jumat, 02 Mei 2008

Illustration of Einstein Quiz (Part I)

I try to make an ilustration of the Einstein Quiz to make it easier to understand.
The 5 houses are :

The 1st houseThe 2nd houseThe 3rd house

The 4th houseThe 5th house

Each house has a different color :

The blue houseThe green houseThe red house

The white houseThe yellow house

The peoples are :
The BritThe DaneThe German
The NorwegianThe Swede

The beverages are :



The pets are :

The cigars are :
BlendBlue MasterDunhill
Pall MallPrince

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addicted to life mengatakan...

hi there!
i accidentally found that quiz and posted it into my blog.
afterthat i tried solving it!
it took me about 40 minutes, needed pen and paper of course and i found the solution!
it's not difiicult. there are just 15 mixed statements and when you find the right order, you find the right solution